Transforming Lives

In Indian communities, people have hidden potentialities to learn something further if this hidden tandem skills honed and flourishing them they could become best artisans and contributes to nation develop. We works and drive social and economic interventions with partner organizations range of Upskilling programs for transforming the lives as improvement in standard of living of underprivileged communities. ABGUS works are not just for sustaining their livelihood, but empowering and stand-up on their feet with feel real change happen. Since 1990s to March 2023, ABGUS’s program skilled up to 4550 Youth girls and boys, young women as well as 130+ SHGs in many trades such Computer, Tailoring, Make-Over, Welding, Motor Biding, Hospitality, Bike Repairing, Farming, Seeds Development, Fishing, Goat Farming, Animal Husbandry, Dairies, Pottery, Shop keeping, and Bag Making etc. After learnt these skills trained people living dignified lives in the society and countributing as part of the naitonal development.