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We Help Community To Improve Their Lifestyle

Akhil Bhartiya Gramin Uthan Samiti (ABGUS) is a voluntary civil society organization working for holistic development of the children, youth, women and communities through active participation and empowerment of people in its operational areas.

ABGUS was formed by group of consentaneous young person’s coming from all areas in years 1987. Since then ABGUS has been working for the social-economic empowerment of the rural poor through years of closely working with the partner communities at Delhi and adjoining states.

ABGUS works in over 4 states i.e. Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable sections of societies. ABGUS works as driving force tangible change in the lives of weaker sections by extending its support to a growing number of beneficiaries. ABGUS is committed to community-centred change that leads to healthy and secure infants, educated & confident children, skilled & involved youth, empowered women and enhanced income & livelihood with access to quality health, education and environment.

ABGUS has been closely working with communities where women who never had the opportunity of going beyond the boundary of their villages are managing the governance at either village/block levels to change the lives of many other women and have created a ripple effect in & around their villages and blocks through ABGUS’s SHG and Women Empowerment Program. ABGUS address the issue of malnutrition in communities through promotion of indigenous food practices.

ABGUS Oragnization ABGUS Oragnization

ABGUS Oragnization

Our Mission

Societies where the communities are able to self-determine their choices & translate them into a self-reliant and sustainable development consistent with their survival needs, aspirations and dignity.

Our Vision

To excel as an enabling institution in the development of the deprived, excluded and vulnerable so as to improve their quality of life through participatory action, research initiatives, training programmes and to enhance the capacities of the intermediary and people’s organizations ensuring sustainability

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Manoj Yadav
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What They Say About us



"It has been an honor to work with ABGUS Charitable Trust. Their transparency, honesty and hard work is changing the lives of people in the grassroots level. I am proud to support their mission"

Ravi Dangi


"ABGUS Charitable Trust has been a beacon of hope for our community. Their grassroots development initiatives have given us the tools and resources we need to build a better future."

Aditya Patel


"As a local partner of ABGUS Charitable Trust, I have been impressed by their commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of our community. Their support has been invaluable in driving positive change."



"I have seen firsthand the impact that ABGUS Charitable Trust has had on my community. Their approach to sustainable development has transformed the lives of so many, and I am grateful for their dedication and hard work."



"ABGUS Charitable Trust has truly made a difference in our community. Their grassroots development programs have empowered us to take control of our own development and create a better future for ourselves and our families."

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