Capacities the Reservoirs

The over-extraction and exploitation of ground water resources resulting decline in water availability for living beings as well as threatening for agriculture sector, and losing the biodiversity. It’s a very scary fact that ground water is not being recharged commensurate with rate at which water is being exploiting.

Therefore, ABGUSS focussing intervention as an NGO in water conservation & recharge has led us to focus on water, and Natural Resource Management too with using the innovative techniques.  ABGUS has so far rejuvenated 190+ water bodies in Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. ABGUS promotes village water committees and capacitates them for sustainable watershed management and increased almost double during the year 2017 - 2022 interventional areas.


ABGUS addresses the following challenges of water:

  • Over-exploitation of ground water
  • Depleting groundwater table
  • Defunct water bodies  
  • Lack of waste water treatment
  • Lack of Recycle-Reuse-Recharge
  • Lack of knowledge on watershed management
  • Lack of active local authorities