As Drivers

  • We believe that all people, no matter how poor, are capable of driving the change they need. ABGUS’s closely connect with the communities has taught us that enhanced community engagement always plays a vital role in the process of behavior & progressive development change.

As Catalysts

  • ABGUS’s founders believed, people with education and empathy must engage with the poorest. That India’s development cause is served better when educated Indians work directly with the poor, which is as important as working in industries and commercial sectors...’, is more relevant today than ever. ABGUS works in the backward regions to help DEV communities organize collectives that help people, especially women, earn a decent living and support their families. We also help them access government programmes and other entitlements as citizens. Our primary focus is to help people to develop their own skills and engagements, instead of delivering services or solutions to them. We have seen that when people develop a sense of agency, regardless of caste or gender, they are able to assert their rights and speak up for themselves. We aim for a holistic and positive change in their social, psychological and economic condition so they can take total charge of their lives and engage with the world around them.