• ABGUS has established a “Water Resource Centre” (WRC) under the name of ABGUS community centre for action research & training at Chopanki as a knowledge centre as well as a conclave for the exchange of ideas and experiences by government & non-government, civil society groups, including CBOs. It also facilitates knowledge networking and policy advocacy. It forms partnerships with local, district, national and international resource centres, technical agencies, & knowledge networks; it thus aims to serve as a channel for the flow and exchange of knowledge and experience. It also aims to emerge as a centre for knowledge, best practices, and useful data and information related to water quality and availability.

  • ACCART facilitates dialogue on water-related issues and policies, based on knowledge generated from field experiences and action-oriented studies in partnership with experts think tanks and other knowledge centres. Thus, it will contribute to innovation in natural resource development, social engineering and livelihood.
  • ACCART invites a favourable location for researchers and students studying issues related to water management and rural development, including community-based development, social capital, civil society, water resource management, adaptation to climate change, rainwater harvesting, and water quality. Given its direct access to the rather isolated communities of Rajasthan & Haryana, and its vast experience of working with them to address water crises, ACCART possesses unmatched potential for undertaking collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects. In addition, it attracts highly qualified professionals who work with communities’ water issues.
  • More importantly, ACCART promotes the emergence of an active and enlightened rural community by training and capacitating rural volunteer groups through accomplished social workers to mobilize communities in water resource management. ACCART plans to have established a water-testing laboratory, which will contribute to the safe drinking water campaign. It also has a library.

Organizing Conferences and Events

  • The ACCART is a residential venue for local, district national and regional conferences, conventions, work- shops, and symposiums that support the objectives of the organization. It is also a venue for networking for creating public awareness and for cementing cohesion among communities by providing a platform for continued interaction with stakeholders.